Favourite Song of the Day

I acc. love my favourite song today, I found it yesterday night and I LOVE the MV!

Check it out! G-Dragon – Butterfly

Alice in Wonderland? But GD in Butteryfly land??

Well – as my friends and family all know, I am terrifyed of butterfly’s! Many people are shocked by this!

It’s all because I had a butterfly net when I was small, and summers day (sounds like a story now) I was trying to catch some butterfly’s. I ran around the garden, and I finally saw one! It was one of those white ones… anway… I acctually CAUGHT it! I was very shocked and happy! But when i tryed to call anyone to say I had caught it, noone came… I gave up after a while and stopped calling. So then, I let the butterfly go and when I did, it flew up into my face o.o! SO SCARY!

Anyway… >.<

This song did NOT scare me even though I’m scared of butterfly’s! Infact, I thought they looked very pretty in the video. I love how the MV was done, it fits with the music well – The music is very relaxed and dreamy and the video is all about dreams and dreamy stuff (my opinion). Use of colour is very good, and great.. annimations?

One person said –

This song has such a beautiful dream-like quality. It makes me want to go for a long walk hand in hand with my love, and just forget everything superficial about the world and our place in it….The beauty of hearing somebody else’s heartbeat, feeling their warmth and being able to give that back is truly the most magical feeling on the planet… – JackalFeatures”

Which I think is pretty good that GD’s song made someone feel that way!

In my opinion, this is a high quality song, because it feels as if I don’t need to know what it’s about, I just need to listen to it over and over again. This song should be VIRAL. Aish, I’ve spent too much time deleting and rewriting something to say here but this song is just too amazing for words… – MerleMark”

That’s also a good comment! It really is a good song and does deserve more attention.

When I read through the comments, I saw there was a bit of a fight going on…

It was all becuase the annimated girl in the MV apparently looked a little bit like Dara from 2NE1… Really -_-

” i wish i was the girl…but i heard GD is dating Dara! it breaks me :,(“

or the girl also looks like Bom from 2NE1 -_-

look at the bunny necklace that gd wears we all know that bom is the bunny

and the color of the wall is green and we all know that bom’s favorite color is green

and also the ring star sign we all also know that bom favorite shape and the the one always wearing by bom is the star sign…

so i think bom is gd’s butterfly :))”

But the other veiwer are finding annoying, like I would too, and are commenting back!

“in fact, on 2NE1 tv, g-dragon said something like “i just heard dara is my ideal type”, and dara was right next to him. but then he said “no, i don’t date within the YG family” then left. so please shut up. and dara is not allowed to date yet anyway. THEY ARE NOT DATING. sure, you can think they have something going on, but that is just everyone’s own opinion. it can be bom, it can be CL, it can be anyone you want to believe. now just SHUT UP.”

“EVERYTHING IS NOT DARA! Stop annoying everyone, Daragon shippers. Dara is single. G-Dragon is single. JESUS, stick to your Daragon videos, don’t bring that s*** here. If they were a real couple, I could understand, but you all are forcing this!”

There are many more…

I mean.. look at this –

Dara –

Bom –

Do either of these girls look like this –

NO! because neither of them are ANNIMATED =_=

I guess I can kinda understand why people said that because they do look a TINY bit simalar but… meh…


I can’t believe I said MORE about the comments than the SONG! =_=

Anyway, Ive been doing this for a while… must… stop… =_=

Bye 😀




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