First Day back at School

-_- I’m back! Well… that was.. fun..


Good to be back 😀 Nothing that funny happened today =_= maybe it was because I was to depressed that I was going back to school that I didn’t pay attention to jokes! Today I –

. Forgot my luch pass

. Left my snack at home

. Didn’t bring money for snack (I normally bring a snack and money for a snack ^.^”)

. Scored bad in a test… >.<

. Leave my planner/diary thing in the chemistry lab all day -_-

. Forget that I had to write a story for English (Wasn’t too bad because NOONE did it either.. also she said we could do it in that lesson :D)

But you know every thing EXEPT from all that was good… I suppose..

I guess I was pretty hyper…


But now… T.T I’m tierd


All day all I’ve been talking about is Kpop! I was looking forward to coming home and listening to EXO’s My Lady which was MENT to come out TODAY and DIDN’T >=(

Angry Taemin

Thats depressing! UG!

I’ll listen to kpop now, that will cheer me up 🙂


Jo-Jo xx



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