Favouite Song of the Day

As you all may know I have been watching What’s Up?

So today’s FSOTD is beacuse of What’s Up xD

I have always loved BIGBANG and Daesung because his voice is fantasatic >//<

He looks totally great with this style of music, and I really loved it straight away after I heard it –

Totally cool right?

There are many comments saying –

” different side of dae sung.

love it so much.

his voice is just amazing…..”

“WOW!!! was that really Daesung? He really rocks!!! ”

“i cant get over this sooong!! he belts it out, looking badass AND HE RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPS!!! omo! Daesungie luv you so much!! rock + Daesungie= epic!”

But I think it’s quite different from what we’re use to hearing from him –

“hmmmm i not a big fan of this song yet… but he still sounds good i just don’t like the beat i think it doesn’t really suit his voice as well as r&b or jazzy hip hop stuff like that. but its good too c u again DLIGHT!!!”

“This is an unexpected song from him.”

I personally loved it, but yeah.. I dunno!

Now about the MV…

You could say… many things but… One word for it is…

WEIRD… or would you prefer CREEPY!?

I mean, don’t get me wrong but…

This –

And This –


Kinda gave me that impression.. but maybe thats just me…?

Just because it’s creepy does not mean I don’t like it, infact, I kinda like it!

I’m sure it probbly has some kind of meaning to it, but being the dumb girl I am, I have no idea what it is -.-

Thanks for readind 😀

I’m off to the cinema now to with my sister, dad and a friend. I’ll cya later 🙂

Before I’ll quickly post Y.O. so VOTE!


Jo-Jo xx


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