Back from the cinema :D

Got back from the cinema :D, had a great time ^.^ One extra friend came 🙂 We went to see Chipwrecked >.<

Absolutely hilarious when Eleanor says: “My Precious, My Precious”

1:18 – 1:20





You have NO idea how much I was laughing about that! I was in TEARS! :’)

Anways, good times 🙂

Cleaned out my school bag for tommorrow…

wait… o.o


School… *sob* I really haven’t used this Holiday wisely enough! There is still so much more to do 😥

My bad was GROSS! It also made me go –

But not as much as my sister’s bag… oh no… that was enough to make me go –

Her bag… was just… SCARY!!!

She had to clean her CALCULATOR because it was so dirty … o.o

I need to go and use the little time I have left before school starts 😥

Bye bye

Jo-Jo xx



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