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Today it’s between

Break It Down by W&Whale

An extremly weird and creepy MV but great song! In the MV she shaves a man then saws off peoples heads… then kills her poor teddy D: then creates a robot monster thing… Yeah… see what I mean by creepy? Still good though! Lucky I didn’t click on Circus by W&Whale… thats even WORSE! I couldn’t watch it I was too scared >.<


Geum Jan Di/Ku Hye Sun’s Cover of I Know nothing else but Love

I never got to this bit in the drama because I stopped at a part where… I just though… ug! Crindgey! I honestly did not like it at first! I had to try and watch it 3 times before I got into it. Then i got really into it! Then something happened that made me go o.o so i stopped just like that -.-” I still got a lump in my throat because as you get to know JanDi in the drama you really feel for her! So when she sang this I was like –

The original below –

The woman who sings the original, Sim Soo Bong, is very famous in Korea!

ANYWAY! I’m getting too carried away –



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