Good Morning!

Hello Everyone,

Thismorning I made many descoveries! First off, I would like to thank my friend, Sky, who found this,

Not only does it have the EXO boys – Tao, Lu Han, Kai and Chen but it also has Eunhyuk, Donghae, Jonghyun and Taemin!!! Fantastic! Great Ninja/Dance skills shown by Tao at the begining. Lu Han and kai’s performance is also great. Then Chen topps all that off with an amazing vocal at the end! plus the added guests 😉

I also found this which I LOVE since it has Jaejoong in it ❤

Jiji is absoltely ADOREABLE! So, so cute! I’m gonna go watch the other parts aswell after!!

I ALSO found this…

FINALLY! Some proof that there is going to be a Dream High 2!!! Getting very exited now!

I want to wish Sungmin a happy birthday for the 1st of Jan! Happy Birthday :3

Bye Now! – Oh wait! I forgot to tell you! Yesterday’s Y.O winner was LA chA TA by f(x) 😀 Only one person voted and that was Sky -_- thanks sky!

Jo-Jo xx


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