Favourite Song of the Day

My favourite song today is Love Again sung by Seo In Guk,

I really love the song, it’s sweet and I guess kinda catchy… ish… The guitar makes it sound good aswell as the rest of the beat – eg. clapping It makes me wanna dance a bit 😀 His voice goes well with the music. Good use of english I think!

The MV is super sweet, I love how they used the toys – nice toutch! He kinda gives up alot though, good thing the toys are there to help or nothing would have happened -_-

There is one slightly odd thing… well two!

1 – Some how a typewriter can now print pictures…






“can typewriter print out pictures ???? and that LEGO toy boy just pressed the “c” and “m” key?????? LOL”

Also, the name of the typewriter is abit…

2 – He uses mushroom soup to make cake…?










Thats all really! Love the song and still love the MV even though I said all that  -_-”

Jo-Jo xx




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