Hey guys!

Yesterday evening I descovered this new boy group EXO –

all morning all I have been doing is listening to that -_-” SO GOOD! Cant wait πŸ˜€

Had lunch and have been tidying my room up because I have moved my desk (which I got for christmas from my dad – thanks) into the corner instead of right in the middle of my room >_<

I put up my new chalendar which I got from santa πŸ˜€ It’s a guineapig chalendar, thanks “santa”! It doesn’t feel like another year does it? Weird…

Noone voted for Y.O. again -_- I really need to do something to get people to do it *sigh* I’m still gonna do it! So please, please join in. It only takes a second to press a button! You don’t even have to listen – just click the one that LOOKS better!

Thank You

Jo-Jo xx


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