I’m Home!

I’m BACK! FINALLY! Happy New year everyone! Boy, I’m I gald to be back 😀

Fist off I’ll tell you all about my granny, who still is’nt well atall… When we arrived at my grandparents house she was in her room in her bed so we went to say hello. At first I was slightly shocked because her appearance is… well, when she fell and collapsed that time – she brusied and cut herself very badly and unfortunatley lost alot of blood. So she had lots of MASSIVE bruises and a large cut above her eye. After I bit I didn’t mind it, I got use to it straight away infact because she was just the same exept alot less energetic.

I think it was the day after that granny was taken to hospital, I’m not sure… Daddy had stayed up all night and looked after her, they got the call in the morning to say that she should be taken to hospital. So, a ambulance came over to my grandparents house and collected granny, she was going to have a blood transfusion in hospital. She has cancer and doesn’t want to eat, she also has problems with breathing. We visited her as often as possible and she was more comfy there because of the oxygen tube she had. He bruises have gone down more and she is eating more now, she especially liked the icecream xD

I truly hope that she gets better soon! And I would like to thank all my friends for their support! 😀

Now! On a less serious note,

OMG! I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH! *hugs laptop* I have REALLY missed my laptop, you don’t know how BORED I was! I need to catch up, that is why this post isn’t going to be aslong as I would have hoped! If I go on about my fun times up there, you’ll all get bored and stop reading so, I’ll keep it short!

In the shop –

Our Dad dropped us off outside of the shop. We got a trolly  and me and my sister rushed in and headed off (with the trolly). To be honest, were with our mum for the first bit, but she didn’t stop us, We got ANYTHING we wanted and piled it into the trolly – Pizza, Brownies, Chocolate, icecream, biscuits – anything! Anything we liked. We were both like –


But… Then our dad came along and looked in the trolly…. I looked at my sister and he made her put every thing back


We still got the pizza because my mum said it would be good to have for dinner/lunch, we also got the icecream and brownies for pudding >:)

Chinese –

For the first time, my sister and I had a chinese take-away! We went in and straight way I knew what I was gonna have, when I saw it I was like –

That is what I’m getting!

Spare Ribs! OMG! *_*

I also had noodles, which I love! So it was all good! But… my sister is VERY fussy -_- so… for about half an hour (I joke, but that is definatley what it felt like) she stood there looking at this MASSIVE board with like, a MILLION things you could choose from -_- While she was wasing my time, I put my hand in my pocket to find that my phone (which I thought was in there) was no longer in there… I checked it again and the other pockets and looked around on the floor and started to get worried, I told my dad and he told me to look out side and in the car, I did what he said and I still couldn’t find it. I started to really panic. My dad gave me his car keys and I ran and checked the car, sure enough, there it was -_- I must be blind! I looked through the window, how could I NOT see that?!? I hid it in the car pocket (on the back of the seat) and ran back inside to see that my sister was STILL choosing! =_= She did eventually choose Chicken and Noodle soup. She didn’t like it that much -_- after all that >_<

What else is there that I can remember… OH YEAH! One more!!

Infectious Substance’s –

The doctor was talking to my dad, my uncle, my gramps and my granny and my dad said we should go outside for a bit. My mum took me and my sister out and we stood right outside the room, leaning on the wall, waiting… and waiting… and waiting. A while after this woman with gloves and an apron came along pushing a thing with, what we thought were just yellow and purple bins.

Not really like the picture above atall… more like the one on the left but with a yellow base (?) and a purple lid…

We all wondered what they were used for, and, as you all know, we guessed bins. But my sister went right next to it and took alook twice because we wern’t convinced. She still didn’t know, I had a look but I didn’t see anything either… Then my sister saw the symbol on the side…

Which, just incase we didn’t know, had a warning under it saying

“Infectious Substances” o.o

Me and my siste freaked out and our mum started laughing. We all started to back away down the hall, away from the infection’s!

When the lady next came out she moved the infectious substances RIGHT.NEXT.TO.US! I’m NOT joking, RIGHT NEXT TO US O.o! It was nearly TOUTCHING me! We all squeled and pretended we were looking at the design of the wall AWAY from the infectious disease!

Well, thats all I can think of right now *cough* must watch drama *cough*

I would also like to congratulate my friend Sky who has a new baby brother 😀 CONGRATS!

I would like to say there is some thing that made me very depressed about.


WHY?!?!?!?! WHY DIDN’T ANYONE VOTE FOR THEIR FAVOURITE SONG IN YOUR OPINION?!?! There has been nearly a WEEK to pick one -_-

I’m very disapointed 😡 Please vote on today’s Your Opinion because I know where you live!!!

Off to watch drama now byeee!~

Jo-Jo xx


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