Bad Day

Fist of all, I’m sorry for not coming on in the past 2 days but it’s been way to busy.

Yesterday was boxing day and my Auntie and Uncle came round (mums side). That was really fun but there was no time to come on atall. The day before was Christmas, so I hope you can understand why I was busy then. I got lots of fantastic presents like the desk my laptop is on right not 😀 and the curler/straighteners I used yesterday :). I am aslo currently eating chocolate coins that I got in my stocking from santa! nom nom!

But my granny has become very ill, she is not well atall. Today there has been nothing but shouting, i think my dad is very upset. I’m not suprised though because we are all worrying about granny, but when my dad is upset, it comes out in anger form.

We may have to leave later on today, if that is so then I will most likely not be able to post for the next 2-3days.

I’m sorry for this depressing update! I was hoping everything would be OK and I would be able to tell you all about the great and funny things that happened from x-mas eve to boxing day. I’m sorry! I will put up my favourite song of the day and Your Opinion.

Thank you,

Jo-Jo xx


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