Hair Cut

Had my hair cut today! Just got back 10/15mins ago… We were very lucky to get a parking space because it’s really busy, since there is only 3 DAYS UNTILL X-MAS (AHHHHHHH! THIS YEAR HAS GONE SO QUICKLY!) When we got to the hair dressers (after rushing our lunch) the person who was going to do my hair quickly took off my coat and passed me one of the zerbra print aprons. We went over to have my hair washed which was nice, It’s like a massage ^.^

Then they didn’t have enough towels so I had to walk around with my hair dripping everywhere…

It’s always weird when she talks to me. When ever she asks me anything I’ll get flustered and mess up –

“So, what are you getting for christmas?”

o.o what to say?!

“A new desk, wait no, not new, Just a desk… I don’t have a desk. Which is good.. Not about me not having a desk about me getting a desk, thats good!”

“uh… yeah… Your getting it so you can study!”

*look shocked*


– awkward silence –

Haha – See what I mean? Aish -.-

She always puffs up my fringe (I have a block fringe) which looks funny! Hopfuly it will have calmed down by tommorrow…

Well, that’s all for now folks! bye bye 😀

Jo-Jo xx

OH! Also, for yesterday’s Favourite Song of the Day was a tie again! Lol! Bye again xD


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