Wakey Wakey!

I woke up and all I can listen to this morning is GD&TOP songs! >.<

Currently listening to Baby Good Night hehehe

That is from GD&TOP’s MV Knock Out… And the MV is abit….




Even though it’s all those things… IT’S SUPER ADDICTIVE! GO WATCH NOW! Well that’s all that has happened this morning…

OH! Yeah, I put the SoundCloud clip up so that even if you don’t like kpop *cough* Becca *cough* you will be forced to listen to it every time you come on my blog! BWAHAHA!

Hehehe! oh wait o.o she could just pause it.. ~_~

Well, I’m hungry now :I  Can I be bothered to get up yet?

nope… Bye bye!

Jo-Jo xx


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