Dinner Time!

Just had dinner!

HAD PIZZA! YAY! So good 😀

My mum went shopping before and got a clandle lighter thing & 3 X-mas CD’s! (Not just that… food and stuff too xD)

The candle lighter’s switch is stiff! So – I was playing with the lighter (Don’t worry/get exited, I do not burn/set fire to anything -_-) and my sister is like, I can do that too! and snatches it off me!

But she’s so WEAK she cant push the switch up to make it work.. So my mum TRIES to show Becca how to do it but she STILL fails -_-

She managed somehow to do it once, but never again -_-

Then through-out the whole of dinner we were singing and dance/jiggling along to the christmas music my mum had baught! Altogether a very fun dinner 😀

Jo-Jo xx


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