Just went to post local x-mas cards! AND IT WAS RAINING D:

Even though i wore a coat, scarf, gloves, hat, tights and took an umblella I am still SOAKED! I am now sitting under my lovely, WARM, covers. Listening to Teen Top. All good ^.^

But I have too go out in it again soon to go shopping –

Ug =_=

Meh… I’m tierd noooooow *cries* I don’t wanna go *cries*

WAH! 😦

Also there is something else I would like to say! To my best friend that is… and also anyone else that is wondering…

When I first showed my best friend a B1A4 MV she was like

“Why… are there GIRLS there?” o.o How… how COULD SHE?!

I mean how could these guys look like girls?

Psh! How could she think they are girls? She’s weird right?


This video will explain all 😉

That video is by Simon and Martina (Eat your Kimchi) and if you haven’t checked out their vid’s already, do it! DO IT NOOOOOW!

Jo-Jo xx


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