Morning Everybody!

Well Good Morning Everyone!

Woke up about… an hour ago?

I woke up this morning to see my chin COVERED IN SPOTS! When did they get here?? I only had like, one yesterday!!! How can so many appear over night *sob*!

I had to have a shower and I take about an hour… or longer >_>

When I came to dry my hair I couldn’t find my hairdryer ANYWHERE! So then… I blamed it on my sister -.- But she denied knowing any thing so I asked my dad who had no clue! (for a while he didn’t even know I had a hair dryer even though I had told him before!) So I went to my mum who siad it was down stairs… and it was… oops… I appologise sister >.< When I was drying my hair I was standing right next to my christmas cards… -_-”

I must be an idiot today!

The cards flew every where…

ANYWAYS! My dad got down the decorations today! WIPEE!! We are also going to get a tree! There is loads I have to do today o.o!

  • Get a X-mas tree! (yay!)
  • Put up decorations
  • Tidy my r0om and put up decorations in my room
  • Post local Christmas cards
  • Make invites to X-mas eve party!
  • Up-date my blog (yay!)

=_= Today’s gonna be a long day *sighs*!

Remember to look out for my song of the day 😀

1 week untill Christmas :O


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