Decorating the House

Phew! Nearly finished decorating the house for Christmas! I’ve finished my room… I’M SO TIERD!

We got a tree by the way! My sister and I (-.-) decorated it all! Exept our mum put on the lights and tinsel… but then we both thought it looked horrid so we changed it >.<

When we went to get the tree, my dad used one of my sister’s hats (she’s a tom-boy…). It was a Nintendo hat… So as a joke one of the staff were like “What level of Mario Kart are you on? hahaha” Me and my dad both laughed and my sister joined in. After she whispered to me “I don’t get it…”


We had to put the car’s roof down to fit the tree in (My mum’s car is a soft top! ^.^) so we got REALLY squished on the way back! To make it even better it started to RAIN!!!! It was light, BUT STILL!

Thats kinda… all… um…

Thank Youuuuu!~

Jo-Jo xx


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