Today ~

Please Snow šŸ˜„

Well so far today’s been okay… I guess…

I made this website wich is REALLY FUN šŸ˜€

Thats… it…

I’m still in my pj’s… maybe I should change… =_=

I was hoping for snow today but when I looked out side there was NONE! HOW DEPRESSING!
Appenertly there was a little bit, but it had melted but the time I got up… >.<
I really love snow so – HURRY UP AND SNOW ALREADY! Every other place has snow – exept where I live -.-

It’s getting closer and closer to Christmas! I’ve done all my Christmas shopping so I’m organised this year >.<

We’re putting up the Christmas decorations tomorrow! YAY! We always put them up the week before ^.^ We have to go and get a Christmas tree tomorrow as well -.- that always causes rows! (about which one to get…)

I’ll update my ‘Favourite Song of the Day’ at lunch time… I have a feeling i know what It’s gonna be *chuckle*
Jo-Jo xx


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